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These are our rules that regulate how you

(a) share our portable charger through the Platform,

(b) use the portable chargers provided to or selected by you through the Platform; and

(c) pay for your usage of the portable chargers.

These rules form part of your Agreement with us in relation to your access of the Platforms and use of our services. These rules also set out safety standards in relation to your use of portable chargers. You are required to comply with these rules, and it is important that you read and understand these rules carefully. Where necessary to assist you in understanding certain technical terms and processes in these rules, we may provide or direct you to hyperlinks and illustrations.

Unless otherwise defined, terms used in these rules have the same meaning with those defined in the JOOS Terms of Use and Service Agreement.


1.1 Rent a portable charger

After you have successfully registered a user account on the Platforms, you may use the portable charger provided through the Platforms. There are fixed locations where our portable chargers may be found. To commence a usage on our portable charger, you simply need to:

a. scan the QR code on our JOOS docking station, or

b. make a payment through the payment terminal on the side of the JOOS docking station; and

c. take the automatic pop-up portable charger from the JOOS docking station

We will begin to provide the portable charging service once you have registered for a user account and/or paid the required charges.

If you have paid for a portable charger and it is faulty then you may contact us, and we will refund you for any period of charging which you could not use.

1.2 Safety Inspection

1.2.1 Before using any portable charger, you must carefully inspect the portable charger for any damage, including, but not limited to, cable presence, cable condition, battery level functionality etc to ensure that the portable charger is safe and operable.

Please refer to Attachment 1 which set out a non-exhaustive list of safety requirements.

1.2.2 If a portable charger does not meet the requirements or is otherwise unsafe for operation, DO NOT USE THE PORTABLE CHARGER. In such event, you will also immediately notify us via the Application, or e-mail at, of

(a) the serial number of the portable charger concerned; and

(b) the safety issues associated with that portable charger.

1.2.3 We will not be liable for any loss you incur where you have failed to carry out a full safety check.

1.2.4 If you proceed to use a portable charger in circumstances where:

(a) you have been advised or otherwise informed;

(b) it is visually apparent and/or

(c) your inspection indicates, that such portable charger is damaged, defective or otherwise unsuitable to be used, you will be solely responsible, and we will not be responsible for any damage or injury to your body or property or the body or property of any third party arising from the use of such portable charger.

1.3 Liability for use of portable charger

You will not allow any other person to use a portable charger unlocked by you.

You are responsible for using the portable chargers provided to or selected by you. We are not responsible or liable for, and you shall assume all related risks and liability for, any personal injury or death caused to yourself or a third party (save where caused by our negligence), as well as any damage to any property arising from your use of the portable chargers.

1.4 Your responsibilities

You represent and warrant to us that:

  • You are physically and mentally able, and have the necessary skills and expertise to use, use the portable charger provided to or selected by you in a safe and competent manner;
  • You will use the portable charger provided to or selected by you in a reasonable manner. You will not damage or restrict other users’ enjoyment of the portable charger, which may include damaging, breaking or destroying the portable charger, hiding the portable charger from public view, or tampering with the portable charger in a manner that restricts other users’ use (e.g. adding another lock to the portable charger). You will indemnify us for any loss, claim or damages we incur as a result of your breach of the Usage Rules;
  • You will return the portable charger in the same condition in which it was rented. If the portable charger is returned damaged or in a state of disrepair, then you will be charged a fee that is equal to the cost of repair;
  • You may not hire out a Joos portable charger to anyone else, nor may you use a Joos portable charger for conducting any business activity.
  • You will not:
    • Modify, dismantle, write on, attach accessories to or otherwise alter or deface a portable charger or any part of a portable charger in any way, or use a portable charger for any advertising or similar commercial purpose;
    • Allow others to use a portable charger that you have checked out.

2.1 Completion of usage

2.1.1 After each use of a portable charger, you can end the rental period either by returning the portable charger to a Joos docking station (rental period ends automatically in the App) paying the relevant fees; or clicking “buy now” to transfer ownership of the battery to the user.

2.1.2 The data generated by the Platform is conclusive evidence of the period of your use of the portable charger. Your use of any portable charger is limited to a set period whereupon you’ve accrued £19.99 from consecutive daily caps. If a portable charger is not returned and checked in within this period of time then the portable charger is deemed lost or purchased and your Account will be charged a lost battery fee of up to £19.99.

If a portable charger is lost or purchased while you are using it, you must report the disappearance by filing a formal police report with the local police and also notify us within 24 hours following the disappearance via the Platform.

When you have completed your use of the portable charger, you will return the portable charger into the JOOS docking station. If you fail to comply with this Clause, you will continue to incur usage fees at our then prevailing rates. You must return the portable charger to a JOOS docking station at a premises which contains one of our charging stations. You acknowledge that JOOS does not guarantee that you will be able to return the battery at all times once it has been rented, if all stations in the user’s vicinity are full of batteries. If this does occur, please contact support via the app.

2.2 Payment

We will charge you on a pay-per-usage basis (“Usage Session”) for your usage of portable chargers through the Platforms. You will be charged at our then prevailing rates which will be disclosed to you through our Platforms. Your usage Session commences once you have scanned the QR code from us to unlock the portable charger and will continue until such time when you have indicated the completion of your use by returning the portable charger to our machine.

The prices will be available for you to review on the JOOS docking station, on the JOOS mobile app, and on the JOOS website.

The charging standards of different stores are different, and the charging standards displayed on the mobile phone page after you scan the code shall prevail.

2.3 Promotional coupons / codes

We may from time to time, in our sole and absolute discretion, issue promotional coupons or codes. These promotional coupons or codes may be used to offset your portable charger usage charges. The use of such promotional coupons or codes shall be subjected to such terms and conditions as may be stipulated in and accompanying such coupons or codes.

We reserve the right to at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion, verify, reject, suspend or terminate any promotions governing such promotional coupons.

2.4 Payment methods

You may choose to pay for the usage of the portable charger provided to you using any of the following methods:

(a) You may associate your user account with a valid credit or debit card in accordance with the instructions that we may provide; and/or

(b) You may pay via supported third party payments software or applications (such as ApplePay or GooglePay).

2.5 Payment by credit or debit card

If you associate a credit or debit card with your user account, you authorise us to charge that credit or debit card for all fees (including portable charger usage fees and any applicable tax) incurred by you. You represent and warrant that:

(a) any credit or debit card that you have associated with your user account and the details (including card number and expiration date) are and remain valid; and

(b) you have the requisite authority, consent or power to associate a credit or debit card with your user account and to charge the fees for your portable charger usage to such card.

2.6 We are entitled to recover any unsuccessful charges to your credit or debit card, together with any applicable administrative fees that we may impose, as a debt due and owing from you to us.

2.7 By purchasing a rental period of the portable charger with a payment card you agree to allow us to collect from your account the relevant rental charges, as well as any charge for late return or damage to the portable charger.

2.8 By purchasing a Joos portable charger, either through the app or by renting via any application or payment terminal and not returning it within a 72 hour period; you are purchasing a ‘sharing economy’ product which is not brand new and does not come with any warranty.

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